The Mullikin Law Firm

The Mullikin Law Firm is a leading government, policy, regulatory, and public affairs firm that focuses on energy, environmental, and healthcare issues.  

For more than two decades, we have worked to promote a constructive dialogue among communities, elected officials, businesses and institutions.  Our goals are as simple as they are essential:

  • To frame the issues debate in ways that encourage conversations and cooperation;
  • To provide a voice for those whose positions have been unheard, ignored, or dismissed;
  • To enhance understanding of complex issues that too often are reduced to boilerplate rhetoric; and
  • To shape policies that seek to bridge political, ideological, and partisan differences.

We believe strongly that preserving a robust business environment is not mutually exclusive with preserving our natural resources. We believe that protecting the interests of health care institutions is consistent with protecting the good health of patients. We believe that ensuring a supply of reliable domestic energy is necessary to ensuring a stable U.S. energy future. And we have taken our experience in these areas and put it to work for clients in an even broader range of industries as well.

At the Mullikin Law Firm, we understand these issues can be complicated and controversial. But by applying powerful new research tools and technologies, embracing sound science, and effectively communicating the right message to the right audience in the right way, we’re helping to create a better policy environment – and a better competitive climate – for the businesses and institutions we serve.